Dr. Raines became an administrator serving as department chair, dean, vice chancellor and university president. She was president of the University of Memphis for 12 years. Shirley may be the only preschool teacher in American who became a university president.

For five summers, she taught at the Harvard Seminar for New Presidents and Chancellors.


Shirley started her career as a teacher of young children. After earning her Masters, she became a Head Start Program Director. Later, after earning her doctorate, she became a teacher educator and professor. She has written 18 books, 15 for teachers, 2 for children, and 1 on leadership. 

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT KeyNote Speaker and Consultant

From her "lived leadership experiences," Dr. Raines helps leaders become people-oriented and goal-motivated. Leadership teams dynamics, mentoring programs, and challenges for women leaders. Educators, foundations, community and corporate leaders schedule her. 

Early Childhood Keynote Speaker

Shirley speaks about early childhood education, particularly creativity, literacy, and children's literature. Conferences and organizations schedule her for keynote speeches, board training, and

pre-conference training sessions.

Dr. Shirley Raines

Keynote Speaker, Author,
Leadership Development Consultant


 "Whether in a board room or before 18,000 at the FedEx Forum, Dr. Raines immediately connects with people. She embodies what leadership is – character, capability and being a catalyst for positive change.” 
– Thomas Kadien,
Vice President, International Paper